Wall shape is located in Proença-a-Nova, within the company Ambienti D’Interni, dedicated to the manufacturing and application of plaster cast profiles, Decorative Panels, Toponymical panels, Informative panels, Direction panels, Totems, Police Numbers and interior Signals.

Wall shape has provided itself with the state-of-the-art technology combined to a young and dynamic team.

Because we believe there is always an optimal answer to satisfy each and every need that comes into sight, we are committed to find solutions for all requirements.

The creative involvement of both material and production techniques, on a “Product per measure” basis, are essential aspects in the creation of solutions which are simultaneously original and aesthetically appealing, balanced and functional and that respond to the specificities and particularities inherent to each project.

Wall Shape aims at simplifying work and providing differentiated solutions for design, material diversity, strength, originality, exclusivity and quality.

As you will perceive we offer an infinite variety of applications and aims, according to which you may orientate your projects.